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Options by Batesville Offers Customizable Consumer Catalog for Funeral Homes

Options by BatesvilleMarch 6, 2012 - Batesville, Ind. - Options® by Batesville, the leading provider of cremations solutions and products to licensed funeral homes in North America, announces the availability of three consumer catalogs, part of a comprehensive suite of AC2T™ System tools that funeral homes can personalize to educate families on the important decisions they will make and products that can help create a meaningful funeral experience.

Cremation is one of the most significant economic challenges faced by funeral homes today. The rising rate of cremation, coupled with the revenue gap between cremation and burial, make it more important than ever for funeral directors to take a different approach with cremation families.

"There's been a broad generalization that families who choose cremation don't want to spend money," said Jason Burlage, Vice President and General Manager of Strategic Business Units at Batesville. "However, our research shows that a large percentage of people are simply not aware of the different offerings available for creating a meaningful cremation service for a loved one."

Burlage explains this communication gap, and the lack of understanding about cremation options, are key factors inhibiting revenue growth in this segment. But they are also obstacles that can be overcome with the Options AC2T System. Introduced in 2010, AC2T, which stands for "Acting on Cremations Challenges Together," is an industry leading approach that provides funeral homes with a proven method to deliver critical information to the cremation consumer that results in an increased level of services and products selected. The new consumer catalogs are one of several tools available to ensure that arrangers are presenting information to families in a consistent manner.

"Funeral homes that approach every cremation arrangement with a comprehensive offering have made a sizable impact on closing their revenue gap, while providing families with the high quality service and attention they deserve," said Burlage. When the AC2T System is fully implemented, funeral homes report an average increase of $500 in revenue per cremation call.

The new Options consumer catalogs, which can be personalized with a funeral home's logo and other information, are a convenient alternative to the company's traditional cremation catalog. Each catalog features select groupings of products at different levels of value, providing choices for all families. The size and format is suitable for the arrangement conference and as a take-home piece for aftermarket purchases. The three versions feature these product groupings:

• an urn version includes urns, keepsakes and jewelry
• a complete version includes caskets, urns, keepsakes and jewelry
• a rental version adds a rental casket to the products listed in the complete version

Catalogs are available to all Batesville customers through an easy-to-use online interface that provides step-by-step directions to guide funeral home staff in the placement of funeral home logos and other business information such as a mission statement, branch locations and other custom messages. Funeral homes have the option to include their own custom pricing in the catalog if desired. A sample of the customized Options Consumer Catalog can be reviewed and approved online by funeral home management to ensure accuracy prior to ordering.

Funeral Professionals can view samples of the new consumer catalogs by visiting and clicking the Online Options Catalogs button. For more information on how to begin seeing financial benefits using the AC2T System, funeral homes can contact their local Batesville representative.

About Options by Batesville

Options® by Batesville is the leading provider of cremation solutions and products to licensed funeral homes in North America. Backed by the world leader in funeral service, Options is the solution for funeral homes to fulfill the needs of families by assisting them in honoring and memorializing meaningful relationships. Founded in 1993, Options' commitment to providing comprehensive products and services allows funeral homes to enhance their relationship with the families they serve by providing meaningful funerals and personalized products.

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