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Innovation 2010 The Dodge Company: The Dodge Waterless Aspirator

The Dodge Company: The Dodge Waterless Aspirator 
The Dodge Company: The Dodge Waterless Aspirator
Description of Products 'Originality and Uniqueness' Entry (250 words or less) :

The Dodge Waterless Aspirator is the first electric aspirator available to funeral service which utilizes the technology of the peristaltic pump.  The peristaltic pump, which is primarily used in the medical field in dialysis and heart/lung bypass devices, eliminates the need for aspirated material to pass through a motorized mechanism or impellor.  The aspirator creates a vacuum by compressing flexible tubing, using a series of three rollers which rotate in a housing at a high rate of speed.  This allows the isolation of the aspirated material from any moving part of the mechanism, thus eliminating the possiblility of contamination or clogging, a common problem with all other electric aspirators.

Description of Products 'Quality and Design' (250 words or less) :

The Dodge Waterless Aspirator is the result of 2 years of design and testing.  It is made using an industrial grade stainless steel clad wash down motor.  The pump is designed to "run dry" with no adverse effects.  The machine was tested for 3000 hours: 1000 hours running water, 1000 hours cycling between running water for 8 seconds and then running dry for 2 seconds, and the final 1000 hours the machine ran dry - no water at all.  In all three phases the machine ran continuously.  When the bench testing was done and the machine was inspected, there was no discernible wear.

Description of Products 'Practicality & Sustainability' (250 words or less) :

The Dodge Waterless Aspirator is completely portable and available in either a 120 volt or 240 volt version.  The device uses quick disconnect fittings for both the intake and discharge lines, ensuring ease of cleaning and storage.  The stainless steel motor housing and high impact plastic pump housing provide durability and a professional appearance to the device.  By creating the vacuum necessary for aspiration through electricity, the device eliminates the need for large amounts of clean water to be wasted during the aspirating process.  The device also simplifies the process of holding aspirated material if necessary, without adding high volumes of water to the container.

Description of Products 'Benefit & Value' (250 words or less) :

The Dodge Waterless Aspirator provides the solution to the problem of low water pressure when prerforming the aspirating procedure. 

In communities where funeral homes are being asked to segregate preparation room waste, it simplifies the process by allowing the operator to discharge aspirated material directly into a container without increasing the volume through water use.

With the increasing cost of municipality supplied water, eliminating the need for hydro-aspiration can be an economic advantage.  The Dodge Waterless Aspirator was subjected to thousands of hours of bench testing prior to its introduction to the funeral service market.  The combination of proven technology from the medical field, the one year warranty and backing of The Dodge Company ensures customer satisfaction.

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